Rules Of Play

The rules are provided as guidance regarding some of the common rules required for the smooth running of tournament Diplomacy. These rules are draft rules only, and feedback is appreciated. Final rules will be published at least one month prior to the tournament.

  1. The Tournament Director is the arbiter of these rules. Rulings by the Tournament Director are final. The tournament director may overrule any rule set out below at their sole discretion.
  2. The latest official version of the “Rules Of Diplomacy” will be used for this tournament. Where there is a conflict between the rulebook and these tournament rules, the tournament rules take precedence.
  3. Game timings will be 15 minutes for Spring and 13 minutes for Fall. This time includes order reading, retreats, adjustments, and order writing. Players must make retreats and adjustments promptly (less than 1 minute); if a player consistently abuses the process the tournament director may be called on to intervene as they deem appropriate.
  4. Games will last no more than 5 hours, 15 minutes. The tournament director has pre-determined time-draws that will occur between 1908 and 1911. These will announced prior to the start of play.
  5. Players will not play the same country twice in the tournament. Country draws will otherwise be conducted randomly by the tournament director.
  6. Board allocations will be conducted by the tournament director, who will endeavour to minimise the number of times that players play against each other.
  7. The winner of the tournament will be the player with the highest centre count on the top board. In the event that the top board is tied, the tie-break will be the player with the highest tournament score.
  8. Qualification for the top board will be the 7 players with the highest tournament score after Round 4. This score will comprise the three best game scores achieved in those four rounds. In the event that one or more qualified players are unable or unwilling to participate in the top board, players will be invited in tournament ranking until the top board is filled.
  9. Final tournament standings, other than 1st place, will be ranked using the best 3 games plus half of the fourth best game score.
  10. For details of how individual games are scored, see “Scoring System“.